Beckett and Kay is a partnership of three experienced Chartered Surveyors specialising almost exclusively in landlord and tenant. Formed in 2002 by Peter Beckett and Richard Kay, and then joined in 2016 by Henrietta Hammonds, the firm deals with both commercial and residential property with particular expertise in the fields of leasehold enfranchisement and valuation in dilapidations cases.

While the primary emphasis is on professional standards and quality of work, commercial and financial considerations are close to the surface. Landlords are helped to release maximum medium- and long-term value from their properties, tenants to conserve the resources devoted to the occupation of property.

The firm believes that, while landlords’ and tenants’ interests are technically opposed, best results are achieved for both by a measured and professional approach to the landlord and tenant relationship. The firm’s special experience suits it best to high-value property or situations where there are special challenges.

Fee structures are flexible. With the exception of expert witness work, the firm will consider fixed fees, time-based fees or fees dependent on results.